Housebound vaccinations using Trakm8

with The Hillingdon Confederation

Jan 2020 - Apr 2020
Project Summary:
With a large population of housebound patients in Hillingdon and a short space of time to meet NHS vaccination targets, Hanley Consulting were tasked with implementing an efficient delivery programme through the utilisation of technology.
Project Description:

Hanley Consulting also supported the housebound vaccination programme by implementing innovative route optimisation software, Trakm8. As a result of the Trakm8 collaboration, The Confederation were able to vaccinate over 1,500 housebound patients within 4 months.

This innovative approach to caring for patients in their own home has highlighted the opportunities for technology in healthcare and also earned The Hillingdon Confederation an HSJ award.

Project Outcome:

The collaboration with Trakm8 made nursing team’s routes more efficient when visiting homes. This allowed for more vaccinations to take place each day which contributed towards Hillingdon’s impressive vaccination record against other London boroughs.

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