Data-led decisions for Enhanced Access

with Bucks, Oxfordshire & West Berkshire ICS

July 2022 - August 2022
Bucks Ox Berks West ICSA
Project Summary:
Enhanced Access is an NHS England directive to offer access to GP practices between 6.30pm and 8pm Monday to Friday and also Saturdays. Primary Care Networks in England need to prepare now so they are ready to offer patients a new ‘enhanced access’ model of care, which will see GP practices open from 9am-5pm on Saturdays from October 2022. Enhanced Access Service to include:  • Bookable appointments outside of core hours • 6.30pm-8pm weekday evenings • 9am-5pm Saturdays • These are then ‘network standard hours’ • Offer a range of general practice services in line with patient preference and need • Minimum 60 minutes per 1,000 PCN adjusted patients per week. In order to prepare for the Enhanced Access launch in October 2022, NHS England & Improvement asked each PCN to submit an Enhanced Access Plan highlighting which services should be made available at which times.
Project Description:

Enhanced Access plans must demonstrate:

  • How the PCN has engaged with patients
  • Services provided
  • What is the preferred modality of appointments (face-to-face and virtual)
  • Proposed staffing / skill mix
  • Locations

How this will be delivered must be set out in the network agreement.

With a drive to have all PCNs offering patients a new ‘enhanced access’ model of care, Hanley Consulting continue to work closely with a number of PCNs across South East England to gain valuable feedback and insights from patients. Our surveys are bespoke for each PCN and are designed to help give a clear understanding of patient’s needs and wants regarding access to services. This level of patient engagement and data from the responses then allows PCNs to develop and submit the Enhanced Access plan to NHS England & Improvement.

The data collated from these surveys is then analysed from which recommendations are given. Themes and trends are also brought to life and highlighted with use of infographics. Infographics are a great patient facing tool which can be used on social media, on your website or even in email campaigns.

Insights and analysis provided by Hanley Consulting enables Network managers to develop a clear strategy of what their enhanced access may look like come October 2022.

Surveying patients is crucial to designing effective and efficient healthcare services. Patient feedback is invaluable in understanding their needs, expectations and experiences. By listening to patients and collecting their opinions and suggestions, practices and PCNs can create services that are patient-centred, adaptable and responsive to changing needs.

Surveys help to identify gaps in service provision and highlight areas for improvement, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes. Additionally, involving patients in the design process can foster a sense of ownership and empowerment, increasing engagement and satisfaction. In today’s healthcare landscape, where patient experience and outcomes are becoming increasingly important, surveying patients must be a key component of any healthcare organisation’s strategy. By doing so, we can ensure that healthcare services are tailored to the needs of patients and provide the best possible care.

Enhanced Access-infographic
Project Outcome:

Client testimonials

“Designing and managing the patient survey required as part of the Enhanced Access process required considerable input and man-hours, so we approached Hanley Consulting to manage this project for us. They worked closely with us to ensure the survey met our needs, responded swiftly to any queries and produced an excellent report with recommendations that contributed to our Enhanced Access plan, and offered insight into other potential areas of development. Hanley Consulting also provided a patient friendly summary of the survey results that we are able to share with our patient population. A professional and friendly service throughout – Thank you.”

“The survey and insights were a huge help. We’re now in a position to submit our Enhanced Access plan with confidence, backed up with real data and statistics.”

“Hanley Consulting made a very daunting task, easy. By identifying clear wants and needs from our patient engagement exercise, we were able to put together a more meaningful model for approval.”

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