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Introducing EDATT©, the UK’s first automated digital support assistant for patients.

EDATT screenshot
EDATT screenshot

Your trusted partner in Improving Capacity and Access

Our innovative approach to demand management reduces administrative burden, improves access to services and frees up vital capacity, transforming general practice for the better.

Improve operational efficiency, streamline workflows, and enhance patient engagement while harnessing digital technology to unlock your practice’s full potential.

We have seen reduced call volumes especially for test results, prescriptions and general enquiries which are moving to more online use

Practice Manager

Poplar Grove Practice

We have seen a big increase in the number of people accessing test results online. This has helped free up the phones to the extent we may even remove and just cover under general enquiries.

Practice Manager

Whitehill Surgery

We have seen a drop in our queue in the morning. We are managing our appointments and reduced staff stress.

PCN Digital & Transformation Lead

West Knowsley PCN

Staff are happy that work is being done to address the issues we have. Complaints have reduced and the use of digital triage has increased and is more appropriate.

Business Manager

Tudor Lodge Health Centre

Hear from our EDATT partners

Don’t just take our word for it! View summarised survey response data from our EDATT partners;

Free up capacity

Telephony, telehealth (online consultation), websites and clinical systems

Reduce Telephone demand

Free up valuable time through signposting and service optimisation

Secure funding

Use our calculator to see how much funding EDATT© support will secure for you.

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Secure funding

Input your patient list size to see how much funding EDATT© can secure you in 2023/24. 

Partnering with us ensures all requirements are met in order to achieve these results. 

Poplar Grove Practice: Case Study

EDATT pilot: how to Meet demand in general practice

EDATT revolutionises healthcare access and demand management. The white labelled automated chatbot enables patients to access services digitally, reducing staff pressure and improving patient experience. It has expanded across practices and PCNs, addressing low digital literacy and boosting efficiency. EDATT is an innovative solution to help you meet demand with limited resources.

PCN Development
50-60s lady using mobile phone

Power to the patient

the significance of digital literacy

The NHS is a vital part of the UK healthcare system. However, despite its importance, there are significant challenges to accessing NHS services. In recent years, digital technology has emerged as a key solution to improve access to the NHS. This article examines the role of digital literacy in enhancing NHS accessibility and highlights the potential benefits it can offer.

See how it works

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HC Team - Product Demo

Find out how EDATT can help you increase efficiency in your practice or PCN

Learn more about how we are revolutionising patient access with primary care's only automated digital literacy improvement tool - EDATT

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