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Hanley Consulting has been providing IT and operational consulting services to the NHS and private sector organisations since 2009. Our ethos is to share experience and specialist knowledge, understand requirements, help solve a client’s urgent problems and deliver impact across the health and care system. 

We pride ourselves in keeping up to date with new platforms and systems, ensuring interoperability and data security are at the forefront of delivering change across care systems, services, teams, individuals, staff and patients. 

Hanley Consulting core team


With focus on the planning and decision-making process we  develop a tailored approach for clients, addressing unique challenges and objectives.


Highlighting creativity and forward-thinking solutions, we showcase the knowledge to identify and implement new ideas and processes to drive performance improvements.


We focus on teamwork and partnerships, working closely with clients to co-create solutions, ensuring multi-level stakeholder buy-in and success of long-term change programmes.


Tangible outcomes and measuring success, bringing real benefits to patients and healthcare providers gives us the credibility and confidence to deliver at change at scale.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Experts in Primary Care digital health Technologies

We believe that a well-crafted strategy is essential for addressing unique challenges and objectives. Embracing innovation allows us to identify and implement forward-thinking solutions that offer efficiencies and sustainable improvements at scale. By fostering collaboration, we keep abreast of the latest technologies and digital solutions available. 

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Max Gattlin


Sharon Hanley

Managing Director

Paul Harvey

Governance & Operations

Ellyn Gattlin

Patient Engagement Lead

Khybo Purkayasta

Data Analyst

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Our Digital Partners

Explore digital partners past and present, showcasing innovative digital solutions that have transformed delivery of care across the UK.

Your Trusted Partner in Digital Healthcare

Whether looking for a complete managed service or to co-create new innovative models of care, we're here to support you.

Hanley Consulting core team

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