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In April 2021, Hanley Consulting were contracted to support a double GP practice relocation. The two Beaconsfield practices, Millbarn Medical Centre (Millbarn) and The Simpson Centre (Simpson) were scheduled to move into the Beaconsfield Medical Centre (BMC) in Spring 2022. Whilst the practices would be co-locating following the move, they would not yet be merging into one practice or business unit. Hanley Consulting were instructed as a technology partner to support on the relocation and installation of networks (HSCN and WiFi), VoIP telephony, media screens, check-in screens and patient waiting room screens. Hanley Consulting were also supporting with public relations (PR) and communications (digital and print) of the relocation project. This involved informing and educating their patients and wider community of the double practice relocation. Hanley Consulting designed and built relocation webpages across both practice sites as well as developing and executing a social media strategy.

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With such a large change to local health services, it was imperative that all efforts were made to communicate with the local community to educate and raise awareness of the relocation of these two local GP practices. The goal is to generate a social media following to allow each practice to communicate to an audience and demographic which may not have been reached using traditional communication methods (SMS, emails and letters).

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Firstly, it is important to ensure there is one version of the truth when developing web content. Hanley Consulting developed 4 webpages for each website which included an announcement of the move, FAQs, locations & directions, and a page on the sustainability benefits of the move. These pages would be referred to throughout the social media campaign to ensure the messaging was clear and there was only one version of the truth for all patients and members of the community to refer to. Following the launch of the webpages, a social media strategy was devised and agreed amongst all stakeholders. A three strand approach was agreed in which each week there would be information shared around all three strands;

  1. Building updates (progress of the BMC build)
  2. Generic health and care content (NHS material)
  3. Local GP service promotion and awareness

Objective 1 – Increase the fans (page likes) and followers of the practice Facebook accounts.

+1021% – Facebook fans have increased from 41 (6th Feb) to 460 (26th July).

+398% – Facebook followers have increased from 182 (11th March) to 906 (26th July).

Table below showing demographics (age and gender) of current FB page fans (460).


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