Introducing Free Text Conversations: How EDATT’s New Feature Transforms Patient Care

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Hanley Consulting’s EDATT digital assistant now offers a free text option for patients. Following patient feedback, we’ve launched free text input to enable free flowing conversational pathways. Our digital assistant, using natural language processing (NLP), can understand complex patient queries and provide patients with answers based on your practice’s local services.



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The question and answer (Q&A) SMART navigator was originally designed to handle general enquiries, however the ability to train the chatbot to understand all care navigation pathways, ARRS services and even surface digital forms your digital assistant can now effectively redirect, handle or digitally enable patients with over 200 complex queries.


Utilising local resources, the Hanley team ensure safe and controlled responses, ensuring every digital assistant follows clear pre-programmed guidelines to support the patient in getting where they need to be. This may be the Surgery’s online consultation tool, the NHS app or one of many community/ARRS services. The Q&A SMART navigator feature fits seamlessly into the existing chatbot flows, making sure that the patient receives the best support on every level.


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