Week #50: Councillors, AI, Digital Inclusion and Data


Councillors, AI, Digital Inclusion and Data: Take a look at some of the highlights from Week 50.

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Buckinghamshire Council Roundtable

Sharon and Ellyn were very pleased to attend the Buckinghamshire Council Roundtable where they discussed digital exclusion across Buckinghamshire.

They discussed how EDATT is supporting patients to access their health and care digitally. They were able to connect and listen to multiple inspiring charities who were also at the meeting.

They hope to reconnect in the near future to help make a difference and reduce the number of digitally excluded citizens across Buckinghamshire.

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Data Updates 

The beginning of the month is always an exciting tine for our Data Analyst, Khybo, as he can update the dashboards and see the positive impact our EDATT product and associated services is having at our partner practices.

We would like to thank the team at Primary Care Analytics that support us in visualising and maintaining these reports to help us evidence our impact.

Keep an eye across our socials as we share this incredible data throughout the month.

BCC-Peter-Cooper and Sharon Hanley

EDATT Updates!

An exciting week as we kick off more EDATT deployments totalling 23 separate practice deployments coming up in March.

A special mention to our Customer Success Manager, Ellyn, who puts her heart and soul into connecting with all practice teams and personally helping with their journeys to improving healthcare delivery. To our valued clients and the people we work with, your trust and collaboration are always appreciated as we reach these new milestones. We look forward to sharing more updates throughout the month as each deployment is bespoke built to suit local services and demographics.

Another huge celebration at HCHQ this week as we kick off EDATT’s first deployment across the border in Wales. The new Welsh EDATT chatbot will support patients in using the new NHS Wales App, and of course will be available in both welsh and English.

Lastly, more highlights from the week where product enhancements are concerned. EDATT’s new AI upgrade is on the horizon, soon to improve access and solve complex patient needs in over 60 languages!


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