Engagement surveys play a vital role in improving healthcare services, enhancing patient experiences, and ensuring that care is patient-centered, efficient, and of the highest quality.

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Improving Access to Care

By conducting a well-designed survey and effectively communicating the results, you can contribute valuable insights towards improving access to care.

Access & Improvement Planning

Our surveys help you to gain insights into patient satisfaction levels which can be used to submit for your improvement plans.

Enhanced Access surveys

Design data-led services to allow you to optimise efficiency. Data-led decision making is also part of QOF (Quality Improvement)

Bring your data to life

Our approach is to present your data in a compelling and impactful way equipping you with exciting data to help engage with your teams, drive change and helping you better understand the needs of your patients. Download one of our Enhanced Access survey reports from 2022.

Available in over 100 languages

All Hanley Consulting surveys and forms are available in over 100 languages allowing you to gather feedback from your entire patient population. There are many benefits to multilingual surveys including;

  • Inclusivity and Diversity – Inclusivity promotes diversity and allows you to reach a broader range of patients.  
  • Increases Response Rates – Patients are more likely to engage and complete surveys. 
  • Increase accuracy and reliability of responses – Language proficiency plays a crucial role in understanding, helping reduce the chances of misinterpretation and therefore leading to more accurate and reliable responses.  
  • Patient Satisfaction and Engagement – Demonstrating a commitment to patient satisfaction, showing you value their input and want to accommodate their needs. 
  • Service Design – Better meet the needs of your patients by gaining insights representative of your entire patient population.
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The importance of patient engagement in primary care

A key component to patient-centered care

Patient engagement is more important than ever with many patients now starting to weigh up their healthcare options in much the same way as they do when buying a car. Patients don’t want decisions about their health to be made for them. Instead, they would prefer to understand more about their health from trusted sources and reach decisions with a healthcare professional. This collaborative approach helps health systems build trusted relationships so patients stay invested in their care.

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