NHS App - Order Repeat Prescriptions

Below are the 9 steps on how to order repeat prescriptions using the NHS App. If you’re having difficulty following this web guide, you can also click below to download the PDF version which will be available offline;

NHS App: How to Order Repeat Prescriptions (pdf)

Please note, you must have downloaded and setup the NHS App in order to order repeat prescriptions via the NHS App. Click here for the guide on How to Download the NHS App.

1. Login

Login to the NHS App on your smartphone or via your web browser using the NHS App weblink.

You will be able to sign in using Face ID or your NHS Login credentials.

NHS App login
NHS App-Order-Repeat-Prescription

2. Menu

From the main menu, select ‘Order a repeat prescription’.

3. Order a Prescription

From the prescriptions page select the green button ‘Order a prescription’.

NHS App-Repeat-Prescriptions-3

4. Select Type of Prescription

Select ‘A repeat prescription’ and then select the green button at the bottom of the page ‘Continue’.

5. Check nominated Pharmacy

You will now see the pharmacy which the prescription will be sent to. If the pharmacy is correct, select the green button ‘continue’.

If this is incorrect you will be able to change your nominated pharmacy by selecting ‘change your nominated pharmacy’

*Please note if you have a delivery service set up, you will not see this page, and instead your Local GP Pharmacy will receive the request.

NHS App-CHeck-Pharmacy

6. Ordering

Here you will see any repeat prescriptions you are currently able to order.

Select the prescription you would like to order, and then select the green button at the bottom of the page ‘Continue’.

7. Check Details

Please review your prescription details before you order, if these are correct, select the green button ‘Confirm and order prescriptions’

NHS App-Repeat-Prescriptions-6

8. Order Confirmation

You will now see your order confirmation and information on ‘What happened next’

9. Check Order

You are able to check your prescription orders at anytime using the NHS App.

You can do this by following steps 1 and 2 and then selecting ‘View your orders’.

Here you will see all past and present prescription orders.

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