AskFirst - How To Check or Cancel Your Appointment

Below are the 5 steps on how to check or cancel your appointment using the AskFirst app on your device or by using your web browser. Click below for video or PDF format.

1. Login

Login to the AskFirst app or via your web browser

AskFirst online
askfirst-symptom checker

2. Symptom Checker (Urgent Appointment)

Select ‘Book Urgent Appointment’ from the list, this may be listed as ‘Symptom Checker’ depending on your local surgery’s settings.

3. Complete the Questions

Before starting the symptom checker, you will first be asked a question to rule out any red flags which require urgent attention. Once you have selected ‘none of the above’ from the list of emergencies listed, you will then be prompted to give your main symptom.  You can use voice/speech or text to give answers.

Search appts

4. Cancelling your appointment

You will then be shown a list of all of your appointments. Select the appointment you would like to cancel by clicking on it.

5. Confirmation

Once you have selected the appointment you would like to cancel, you will need to confirm your cancellation by selecting ‘Cancel Appointment’.

Another prompt will then ask if you are sure. Selecting ‘Yes’ will then cancel your appointment. The practice system is then automatically updated and your appointment is cancelled.


Return to chat

Once you have read the guide, please click the button below to return to the chatbot to guide you further. If you are having technical difficulties, please return to the chatbot for support.

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